Why Choose an Applied Kinesiologist and Holistic Chiropractor?

Most people think that if they go to a chiropractor, the only differences to consider are the chiropractors location and whether or not they accept your insurance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have seen a chiropractor before, you may be familiar with some adjusting techniques and physical therapy. Fortunately, not all chiropractors practice the same way, so patients do have the ability to pick and choose a practitioner that they feel suits their health needs.

As an Applied Kinesiologist, I bring a diagnostic tool to the table that goes far beyond simply fixing structural issues to being able to identify specifically where an issue is originating in order to treat the cause of the issue(s). This also enables me to customize a patient’s treatment to what they are experiencing at that moment.

Over the past seventeen years of practicing Applied Kinesiology

I have been amazed at how efficiently I am able to help my patients regain their health in so many different ways. The nature and feel of my practice is different than that of a standard chiropractor. Instead of only fixing someone’s low back pain, I am able to also help them with their digestive problems, their headaches, their lack of energy, and their hormonal imbalances, for example among many others.

What I try to do every day for my patients

As a Certified Applied Kinesiologist, I am also a Holistic Chiropractor. I evaluate all of your systems equally, structural, chemical and neurological and seek to return your body to its most optimal health.

The body is an amazing creation. By working to fix it, fine tune it and correct its imbalances, amazing health changes can happen.